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Hanna Hou

Editorial design

Editorial design

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Are you looking to bring your ideas to life and turn them into visually striking pieces? Our editorial design service is here to transform your projects into publications that captivate and delight your audience.

Our team of expert designers combine creativity and experience to bring you designs that highlight the essence of your content. From the layout design to the choice of fonts and colors, every detail is carefully taken care of to achieve a cohesive and attractive presentation.

We do not believe in generic approaches. Each project is unique and deserves a custom design. We work with you to understand your goals and style, ensuring each page reflects your vision in an impactful way.

Includes :

  1. Content Gathering: In collaboration with you or your team, we gather all the content that will be included in the publication, such as text, images, graphics and other visual elements.

  2. Layout design: Based on what we talked about and seeking to share your essence on each page, we will create a visual structure for the publication, defining the layout of pages, margins, columns and other design elements.

  3. Choice of fonts: We select the appropriate fonts for the project. Fonts should be legible and consistent with the style of your publication.

  4. Design of images and graphics: It is important to communicate with images, we create graphics and illustrations designed to complement your ideas in the publication.

  5. Color selection: You can't always think about color, together we look for the best solution both for printing or sharing, thus seeking legibility and economy when developing your ideas.

  6. Content distribution: We place the content on the pages according to the layout of the mockup. We search that the reading flow is natural and that the visual elements support the content.

  7. Cover design: First impressions do count, that is why we create a cover that reflects the essence of your publication.

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