Thank you!

We want to dedicate this space to express our most sincere gratitude to all the participants in the recent Catan Tournament that took place at Rookies Plaza Amistad. It was an event full of excitement, strategy and camaraderie.

We want to thank each of the players who dedicated their time and effort to make the first Rookies and P&P qualifiers a memorable event. Their passion for Catan is truly inspiring and drives us to continue organizing events that foster competitive spirit and friendship.

In particular, we want to congratulate Eduardo Soto for his outstanding performance in the tournament. Eduardo demonstrated great strategic talent and exceptional skills, which has earned him a well-deserved pass to the Nacional. Congratulations, Eduardo! Your dedication and skill are an example for all of us.

We feel honored to have witnessed this exciting tournament and hope that this experience has been enriching for each participant. We also thank Rookies Plaza Amistad and the Staff who made this event possible and contributed to its success.

Let's continue enjoying Catan and celebrating together the passion for this wonderful game!

Until the next game!


P&P notes.

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