Conoce a las Patítas detrás de "Paw Wars"

Meet the Paws behind "Paw Wars"

Did you know? Paw wars is inspired by real kittens, we would love for you to meet them



Color that represents it: Mexican pink

Favorite food: Tuna and Drowned Torta (Don't ask how we discovered it)

Your ideal day: Enjoy the view on the fence sunbathing

Your biggest fear: thunder, rockets and the gas lord

Nickname: The Grumpy Old Lady

Role in the pack: Leader

How did he get there?: He chose Pepe Franco with a scratch on his face (Yes, that's how cats choose their owners)



Color that represents it: Yellow

Favorite food: Seaweed and Dead bread

His ideal day: a sunny morning in the garden, ending the day curled up on the couch watching One Piece with his parents

His biggest fear: His tail (Yup, it always follows him)

Nickname: Dobbiefasio

Role in the pack: food and drink manager (If missing, he will let you know)

How did he get there?: Litten is his mother and he was chosen out of 5 for being the smallest (Who would have thought)



Color that represents it : Green

Favorite food: Tuna and chicken

His ideal day: Sleeping in bed with mom (TOOOODO THE DAY)

His biggest fear: The cat in the mirror and the light (Apparently he hears voices in his head)

Nickname: Pistolita

Role in the pack: the guardian of the bed

How did he arrive?: He is also Litten's son, Pepe Franco lied to Paty Arellano saying that he had already given him up for adoption, the reality is that he never published it



Color that represents it: Phosphorescent green

Favorite food: Envelopes

His ideal day: Going out to play with his suburban friends

Your biggest fear: What does fear mean?

Nickname: The comadre

Role in the pack: Mistress of mischief and host of all the cats on the block

How did she arrive?: Through a publication on FB, we fell madly in love with her, for the moment she is no longer physically with us, but she is waiting for us in Mictlan



Color that represents it: Yellow

Favorite food: chicken

Your ideal day: Playing under the desk

Your biggest fear: Medicine

Nickname: The Macacas

Role in the pack: Chase Dobbie

How did he get there?: He got to enjoy his last days with a family that gave him love and taught him patience, we already have two waiting in Mictlan (There's going to be a mess)



Color that represents it: Pastel Pink

Favorite food: Yoghurt

Your ideal day: Walking around the roof, scaring away all the birds in the place

Your biggest fear: Not having an outlet

Nickname: Nalita butt face

Role in the pack: Director of locating evacuation routes

How did it come about?: We were going to be a bridge house, because not everyone understands a free soul (SPOILER we are a terrible bridge house)

The Company

The compa

Color that represents it: Taro

Favorite food: Croquettes

Her ideal day: a morning lying down with dad watching tik toks under the covers, an afternoon yelling at the birds and a night in her drawer

Her biggest fear: Being alone

Nickname: The crazy one

Role in the pack: The kibble extractor

How did she get there?: We literally said “psps” to her and she got into the car, we were going to be a bridge house, but she lifted Nala's spirits and she stayed



Color that represents it: Blue

Favorite food: EVERYTHING

His ideal day: A lot of visitors who throw away food, or get distracted, so they can steal from him, also lying with a certain yellow cat (Wink, Wink)

His biggest fear: Making Bagheera angry

Nickname: Jacksito baby

Role in the pack: The food thief and babysitter

How did he get there?: We were a bridge house for him and his brother, we gave them up for adoption and they returned them to us because Jack was very loud, it was destiny



Color that represents it: Red

Favorite food: Croquettes that fall to the floor

His ideal day: Sunbathing in the garden and playing with his brother

Your biggest fear: Strangers

Nickname: The Little Panther

Role in the pack: The caretaker (If necessary (Very necessary))

How did he get there?: His brother was a very crybaby, so they returned them to us and eventually we fell in love (He also chose Pepe Franco with a scratch on his face)

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