Manual: la carta de presentación del capacitador

Manual: the trainer's cover letter

Giving courses is more than just standing in front of a lot of people to share knowledge, it is sharing your experience with the knowledge and giving it meaning for the people who are taking it. At Hanna Hou We believe that tools are a large part of the success of your course, that is why we want to share our secrets to create the ideal manual for your participants:

1- Define your objectives: It is important that you keep in mind what the main objective of your manual is. What information do you want to provide to students? What skills or knowledge do you hope they acquire? How does this information relate to the real world? Make sure you are clear about these points before you start writing.

2- Identify your audience: Your course manual should be designed for your specific audience. Who are those who will attend your course? What level of knowledge do they have? What are your specific needs or interests? Taking these questions into account will help you ensure that your manual is accessible and useful to your students.

3- Structure your manual for courses: Make sure your manual has a logical structure, easy to follow and consistent with your presentation. It is important that you can find the information you need quickly and easily. You can use indexes to speed it up , if it is very long.

4- Use clear and concise language: Your course manual should be written in clear and simple language. Be sure to explain any technical terms or jargon you use.

5- Includes practical examples and exercises: The best way to help understand the material is to provide practical examples and exercises. Use case studies and real-world examples to help illustrate the concepts you are teaching.

6- Make it congruent with your identity: Continue the line of color, fonts and communication that you used to advertise the course, so people will relate to it as a single product.

Remember that this is a complement to your presentation, do not write exactly what you will say or what is coming in your presentation, give it a professional touch and use it as a notebook for your participants. If, despite these tips, you feel that your manual is missing that no se qua de no se, remember that at Hanna Hou it will be a pleasure to accompany you in the creation of your manual.

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