Habla con tu marca

Talk to your brand

Communicating with your brand requires that you think about who you are talking to, that is, your target audience. Each group of people, depending on their contexts, gender, age, among other things, must receive the information we share in an optimal way designed for those users. Here are some tips to adapt your communication:

Identify them : Investigate what interests, ideologies, idioms, cultural realities, contextual situations that group of people has and try to understand how your project relates to them.

Use appropriate language : The language you use must be adapted to the level of education and knowledge of your audience. Identify how they feel most comfortable when communicating, what concepts they use, this way the message will feel more organic and sincere, a clear example is memes for younger generations.

Use the appropriate communication channels : You have to find what each audience member uses to communicate, remember that you have to get to where they are, not them to find you where you are. While Generation Z is easier to find on networks like TikTok, Generation X is more likely to be found through email marketing.

Adapt your tone and communication style : It is important that you maintain the essence of your brand, but remember that you have to communicate with a communication style that your audience feels comfortable with. Writing formally to offer investment services is not the same as speaking in a casual and fresh way to sell fisherman's hats. Think about the communication that surrounds your project.

Offer relevant and useful content: Nowadays we all receive information all the time, so remember that your content has to have value for your audience.

In short, communicating your brand effectively depends on knowing your audience and adapting to their needs, interests and values. Use appropriate language, appropriate communication channels, adapt your tone and communication style, and offer relevant and useful content.

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